We made it!

Baby and I made it through Easter week. It was some long days and a lot of walking... but honestly we came through it better than I expected. All these years working for churches I have watched many a parent have to work long hours Easter weekend, but until this year did I fully comprehend the sacrifice.
Easter at my house as a kid goes down as one of my favorites so realizing all the things that would NOT be happening next year was a bit difficult. As I had to arrive at the stadium at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday I thought about not getting to dress Baby Bailey for his first Easter, or not getting to do a morning scavenger hunt, or being so tried after services that I wouldn't be packing an Easter day picnic...
But, one of the girls I work with has two kids and this year they just did all the stuff they would have done on Sunday on Saturday and she said it worked great! So hopefully that will provide the solution for creating those special memories of Easter celebrations for Baby Boy Bailey. Other people at work just shipped their kids off to their grandparents for the week. At least I know my dad creates an awesome Easter basket scavenger hunt! Any other ideas? Let me know.

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