Where to begin?

Sorry, to have taken a month off. Let me catch up!
August 22: First fever and cold. The fever lasted through the weekend. We are still dealing with the cough and congestion. He went on anti-biotics for it on September 16th.

August 26th: Four month check-up
Height: 25 1/14 inches - he grew long!
Weight: 13lbs 12oz - still a little guy!
Head: 17"

I am not really sure where the time goes, but it has been non-stop. His cough takes a lot out of him so he just isn't quite himself.

August 31st: Rice cereal for the first time. You can check out pictures on flickr.

September 15th: Tried peas. He likes them.

September 16th: First Open House. See other post.

September 18th: Gets pink eye! Begins eye drops! UG!

He is still a fabulous little sleeper. His cough is waking him once or twice in the night, but I just have to give him his pacifier and he heads back to dream town. He babbles quite a bit. More to his daddy than anyone else. He is working on rolling over and gets much more pleasure out of tummy time. He has even made himself scoot a bit on his knees. His new favorite toy is the rain forrest bouncer. And he loves to stand.

Really, all the specifics aside all I can say it that we love him soooooooooooo much. Goodness, he is just our joy and we are so thankful each and every day for our little guy.


First Open House

On Tuesday, September 16th we attended our first Open House. The teachers had prepared an activity for the kids - which was so sweet. But, as you will see from the video Renn wasn't too impressed. Perhaps he won't have his mama's love of carbs?

Actually, the boy babe was just hungry and not in the mood. So we will try it at home soon.

P.S. - Why is it that adults talk "baby-talk" do we really think they understand us better? Just listening to us talk to him in the video is funny! This video was just shot with my little digital so it's not great, but it's something.

P.S.S. - It is his teacher not me thrusting the noddles in his face... a couple of you have asked :). I am working the camera... and yes, I know I need to go to video school.