Our frog on a plane

We did it! Our first plane ride back "home" to Texas. Eric would say Renn did much better than Mama. Honestly, I don't have one thing to whine about - he was perfect. Not one peep out of him the whole time. He ate when was supposed to - he sucked a pacifier when he was supposed to - he slept most of the journey. The only thing he didn't do when he was "supposed" to was poop. On both routes he pooped either on the plane or before we were to board and pooped through his outfits and had to get a change. Fun stuff!

My only advice to mommy's traveling is to back two diaper bags. Don't try to cram everything in one. It becomes too hard to find stuff in it on the plane. Pack two with some room to spare in each. Thanks for all the great advice provided by my mom friends. It all came in handy.

We had a great journey!


Grab Hold!

This weekend Renn got a new and improved play mat. It is bigger and has many more "toys" to look at. We have also begun setting plastic rings by him for his fingers to play with. Today he grabbed hold..all on his own. I didn't put the rings in his hand - he just grabbed them and began whirling them around as his arms move non-stop. As I watch him I see him learning new things EVERY day... it is amazing!
It has made me think does learning something new daily stop or do I not pay enough attention to my life? I believe I am guilty of not paying enough attention. As I watch Renn constantly God is watching us... watching, waiting, desiring for us to grab hold of what He has put right in front of us.


He did it!

This afternoon he was playing on his play mat (ugly as it is). My mama had rearranged all the critters on it to be in new and interesting places and he was just content playing away. I should have started putting him down for his nap at 12:30 p.m. but he was playing so well that I didn't see the need to rush it. Then low and behold I look over and his eyes were starting to get heavy and then he did it. On his eleven week old birthday he put himself to sleep!
I was shocked! He has never done that. Usually he has to be in the sling or be rocked to sleep.
Woo hoo! Makes me feel a bit better about him heading off to preschool in a few weeks.
Good job baby Renn!


Never Again!

My phone alarm is set for 3 a.m. Renn usually wakes up a tad before it or right at it. But, last night was different. My phone alarm went off and IT woke me up - not any sounds from the baby monitor. I walked towards Renn's room and heard no cry or stir. I went around and peaked in his crib through the bathroom door - there was some movement but, nothing that would denote he was awake. So I headed back to bed thinking he will wake any minute now. The minutes kept ticking by and he wasn't waking. I am thinking quick "GO BACK TO SLEEP!" But, at the same time I was so excited he was reaching this milestone I couldn't sleep. Eric's, alarm sounds at 4:05 a.m. and I am realizing there is no returning to sleep land at this point. 4:39 a.m. comes and I have to get out of bed to pump - I would be sleeping in milk if I didn't.
On my way down the stairs I do the wrong thing and that is go take a "peek" at my little tree frog. My presence wakes him - I probably could have gotten him back to sleep - but I was missing my little guy so I pick him up to eat and we begin the day. ONE HOUR AND THIRTY NINE MINUTES LATER THAN USUAL!!! (not that it equalled any extra sleep, but still)
Two things I will never do again: Set my alarm and "peek" in his room!