it is not a myth

You always hear people with kids say how fast it all goes. And I will admit I didn't understand what it meant. It is time and it ticks by the same way it did before we had Renn. But, as we reached the 6 month milestone last week I can officially say "they" are goes so fast.

In six months he has grown so much. He has gone from being a little six pound tree frog to being a sixteen pound tree frog. (Odd how I would not be bragging on myself if I had gained TEN POUNDS in six months.) Six months ago he would just sleep and eat - now he sleeps through the night, eats in record speed, eats from a spoon, rolls over, turns in circles on his belly, stands, tries to sit up, smiles, laughs, jumps, sucks his thumb, loves music, reading, the outdoors, has clear likes and dislikes and responds when other people enter or leave the room. It has been an amazing process to watch.

I did a decent job of keeping a journal while I was pregnant and it has been fun to look back on it and see what was happening this time last year. We had seen him once, heard his heart beat and were anxiously awaiting November 5th when we would find out he was a him. (although my heart knew it was a boy).
The past six months has been filled with so much newness that I can't imagine what the next six months or sixteen years will bring, but we look forward to the adventure.


The tree frog found his toes!

I am not sure why I have been so anxiously awaiting this day, but I have been. I wanted him to find his toes. And on Monday, October 6th as I was talking on the phone to my mama he found his toes. I just love it!

Another significant first was that on October the 4th he rolled over from tummy to back. I didn't actually witness him doing this until the 6th but, it sure was funny to put him down on his tummy and turn around and find him on his back. It was like magic.

Renn and Eric got me a very cool bicycle for my birthday - I love it! And they both wrote (wink wink) me very sweet cards!

We headed to Pinetop for the weekend and Renn got to see ducks, rain, experience cold weather and play with his cousins. You can see all the pictures on the flickr site.

He continues to surprise us each day! He gets more and more animated...laughing, playing, trying to sit up and stand. He has now tried all the veggies and will be moving onto fruit this week. As you can tell from the picture - I let him "get messy"!

I have a few profound blogs in me about our little guy, just need to make the time to get the words formulated. Just wanted to get these updates logged before they become old news!