It's Official!

On February 16th at 10:02 a.m. Renn Jackson Bailey became a big brother. His sister is Miss Avery Elizabeth Bailey. Due to swine flu children are not permitted into hospitals which meant Renn was unable to meet his sissy untill we came home from the hospital on the 19th. And thankfully the reaction is LOVE! Renn loves his sissy, The "B" or vry vry. He is very concerned for her at all times, wants to peak on her in the crib, "ug" (hug) her, touch her hair, ears, nose and mouth. We are having to work with him a bit on being gentle and he tends to want on the lap of the person holding her but all in all it is best reaction to a new sibling I could have hoped for. We are praying constantly that they are a loving and caring brother and sister pair forever.

It is also official that we have begun using "time-outs" with Mr. Renn. I will never know if it is simply the age (22 months) or a sister coming along that caused a few new behaviors (throwing toys, choosing not to mind, some face whacking). I am having to find a "mom" voice that he actually responds to. I always thought I had one but right now it is only evoking laughter from him. He sits well in time-out and I wish he wasn't so cute when I get him. He sits there all smiles and when I approach he looks up and says "all done" in his sweet little voice. Not sure it is all computing but it makes me feels like I am taking the right step???? Eric is having to work really hard at finding the "dad" voice in him. Right now he simply has to turn his face to hide the laughter. And then I have to work really hard at not joining him. Last night we had a huge FAIL! Renn plopped both feet on the kitchen table after he was done eating. Eric tried telling him "no" and then just busted out laughing, I couldn't help but laugh and soon Renn joined us. We were all giggling.

The whole thing is truly helping me examine what is a "no!" in life. Want to make sure the little guy hears the word yes! in life more than he hears no! Parenting is always teaching me something.