Fiesta of Fun!

The evening shower was a Mexican fiesta that even included a sombrero that Eric and I had to wear. Hanging from the sombrero were all sorts of baby things. I seriously think the hat weighed 30 pounds. Eric’s family and co-workers were present and had a great time eating a FABULOUS Mexican buffet prepared by Debbie and Jan. Thank you to Stacie, Gary, Landon, Bill, and Angie for working so hard all day to make it such a fun night.


Simply Lovely

The morning shower was fabulous! Ginger and Virginia (pictured above) were so sweet to incorporate all of my favorites foods from quiche, breads, to fruit, yogurt, and granola with the topper being EXTREMELY delicious cup cakes!!!! It was all just amazing. Everyone was incredible to bring Baby Bailey children’s books that we have already filled his shelves with. It will be a joy to read to him and let him know who gave him each precious book. Lots of other fun gifts were received as well.
One of the most special moments was the showing of a video they had made of Eric sharing sweet words about the coming bundle of joy and it included a montage of photos from our wedding and ultrasound pictures. The tears were flowing!!!!
It was all just simply lovely!


An apology to my Mama!

As a kid...well really as a teen I wasn't very appreciative that my Mama made things for me rather than bought things. I wanted all the "cool" storebought things so that I could be just like everyone else. But, now I have come to realize how very thankful I am. And I realize that her making me things was not my parents way of being "cheap" but rather their way of showing love through time and effort.
I have been helping a friend paint the art work that will go over his bed and I wouldn't have it any other way... Eric painted his bedroom even though we are hiring someone to paint the rest of the current project is creating something I had originally registered for, but later realized that was silly when I could make it just as easy and they will mean so much more (P.S. it doesn't hurt that they cost so much less.) The cost savings to me only means getting to buy more stuff that I couldn't make.
So, Mama and Daddy, from the bottom of my heart I am very sorry for all the times I may have made you feel bad for making me things that came from love in your heart!


Week 32 arrives!

We had a doctors appointment today. Heartbeat 140. He is still breech...he has 4 more weeks to turn before we would decide if we want the doctor to try turning him. From everything I have read that can be a bit risky so we are still praying he decides to do a flip.
We also interviewed our pediatrician. That went well. A girl at work let me know about her and she is very close by our house. So we are set! Moving right along!!


Shower #2

Here is the cute invite for the evening shower with family and friends! Thanks Stac!


We made it!

Baby and I made it through Easter week. It was some long days and a lot of walking... but honestly we came through it better than I expected. All these years working for churches I have watched many a parent have to work long hours Easter weekend, but until this year did I fully comprehend the sacrifice.
Easter at my house as a kid goes down as one of my favorites so realizing all the things that would NOT be happening next year was a bit difficult. As I had to arrive at the stadium at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday I thought about not getting to dress Baby Bailey for his first Easter, or not getting to do a morning scavenger hunt, or being so tried after services that I wouldn't be packing an Easter day picnic...
But, one of the girls I work with has two kids and this year they just did all the stuff they would have done on Sunday on Saturday and she said it worked great! So hopefully that will provide the solution for creating those special memories of Easter celebrations for Baby Boy Bailey. Other people at work just shipped their kids off to their grandparents for the week. At least I know my dad creates an awesome Easter basket scavenger hunt! Any other ideas? Let me know.



Last night Eric and I went to this new little Mexican place that opened on the corner. It was quite tasty... but I have been up since 12:57 a.m. with the worst heartburn EVER! I had never had heartburn prior to pregnancy!!!! It is now 3:40 a.m.... only several hour before I need to be at work again for a full day and late night of Good Friday services - can everyone say "UG!" with me?
Tums are not something we have in the house so I have reading about "natural" heartburn remedies... I have been eating papaya enzymes and at the moment I am trying hot water, with sugar, and baking soda. And apparently from what I have read lying down isn't helpful to the situation so sleep is not that great of an option right now. What did we do without the Internet?
Since I am up, twiddling my thumbs and quite certain nobody wants me to call them at 3:45 a.m. thought I would say "hi!" this way. Gonna go heat some more water.


Busy Weekend

We had a busy family weekend.

Friday night some of our friends from church and their precious one year old (Daniel) came over. Eric was sitting on the floor when they arrived and little Daniel greeted him with a huge HUG. Eric thought it was fabulous!

We learned lots of fun things that night: babies think stairs are fun, more food lands on the floor than in their mouth, the last diaper before bed time is a wrestle fest and our pack-n-play actually works as we actually saw Daniel asleep in it. FUN STUFF!

Saturday morning Eric reported to Daddy Bootcamp. This is a class offered by dads for new dads. Eric went with his BFF from Jr. High who is expecting a boy 7 days before us. Eric learned lots of things like that you should always carry extra onesies, bring mommy a gift to the hospital :), signs of postpartum, what to do when a baby cries, buy spring loaded plug covers and much more. We start our classes together in April.

Saturday evening I officiated my first wedding for two people who had worked for me. I attempted wearing heels and made it through most of the night. I laid down during the day hoping to conserve the amount of time I can stand to the actual point of the ceremony. It seemed to have worked as I made it through and didn't have to ask for a chair as we did the service. Although I think adrenaline helped with that as well. Picture of "Pastor" and baby Bailey to the right.

Sunday was church! I am TRYING to take a back-seat on the weekends so that we can start running the weekends without me and see where any holes lie while I am on leave. We have Easter weekend at Cardinals stadium next weekend so let's just say life will be out of control busy. Of course I will be "directing" the team via chair and radio rather than lifting boxes of toys and cribs. UG!

Well that is all for now! Look forward to seeing everyone March 29th for baby shower mania!


The count day begins....

You can officially start counting down the weeks from 10 today. Today begins week THIRTY!
We had a doctor's appointment today. His heart rate was 150 and for the first time she located his heartbeat on my left side. Since the beginning he has always been on the right side... so that was an interesting footnote for us.
I continue to struggle with the early contractions - they really are just a pain. I can't stand, sit, or walk for really any period of time without them being constant. Lying down is definitely the best position for me - but that isn't exactly where I want to be. The situation is not conducive for work, especially with Easter weeks away. I am having to learn the art of delegation and being able to ask for help!
Everything else is great! Blood pressure, weight, ankles, blood work, etc...she says it all looks good.


Who knew!

I thought a car seat was one of the SIMPLE things that went along with baby having. But, when ours arrived this week I learned that was a NOT! Who knew? Luckily, I have plenty of people at work I can take it in to and say "show me how this works?!?, please!" Here are a few shots of his. It is not anything fancy as it just needed to go with our red and silver stroller. But, it gets high ratings from Consumer Reports!


1st Baby Shower Invitation!

This is the invite for the morning shower with my work friends... cute huh? Thank you Virginia and Co.


THIS POST CONTAINS TMI (too much information)

WARNING: Do not read this post if you DO NOT find bodily function information amusing!!!

On Friday night Eric and I got a pizza in addition to some hot wings and we settled in for a movie. I swear to you that not 2 MINUTES after he began eating his wings he developed gas. By the time the movie was over and it was time to head to bed this "issue" had only gotten worse!!!
Once I was all tucked into bed with my million pillows all around me - Eric had the worst release of fumes possible. It sent me into a gagging fit. Eric, found this hilarious and could not stop laughing. What he didn't realize was that amidst his laughing so hard that my gagging had turned into actually puking in bed. So at this point I am crying and he doesn't even realize it. So I start crying for "HELP!" and he comes to realize this is not funny ANY MORE!!!
He comes over and helps me get cleaned up and we eventually settle back into bed for what I hope is a sound night of rest. Unfortunately, the release of gases never stops in the night. At one point I got up and went down stairs for water - and when I tried to re-enter the bedroom I was literally knocked over by the hideous smell in the air. I made it to the bedroom bathroom where another gagging fit ensued. I got a towel and covered my face - I ducked and covered on the way out of the bedroom and made my way to the guest bedroom where I woke in the morning.
Eric, came in to find me that morning and my opening words were "YOU NEED TO GO FEBREZZE THE BEDROOM RIGHT NOW!"
****I promise I normally would not share this kind of personal information with the public but it is too funny a story to not be recorded in Baby Boy Bailey's journey!


Travel Bed Arrives

Perhaps the early contractions are making me nervous or I am a sucker for a good deal. But, last week I found the pack-n-play we wanted on Ebay - new and sealed in the box. I won the bid and it arrived on Friday.

I wish someone would have had a video camera to tape Eric and I trying to figure out how to put it together. We would get one side up and locked but not the other - we put a few of the bars in backwards - and almost gave up on how to put the changing pad part on. Eric, had a "I AM BOSS!" talk with the pack-n-play and we finally got it. We learned that practice will make perfect. With Aunt Teagan's wedding a month after he is born it will come in very handy. Now we just need a car big enough to fit all the stuff in. :)


Preview Day

What is it about ultrasounds and illness? This time it was me! I woke up Friday morning feeling like I was being stabbed with knives in my eyeballs... that is code for headache. I can only guess that it was allergy related as Arizona is in full bloom and I can't take Claritin. So I wasn't in the best of shape for the day - but there was no way I was going to miss this.
Eric and I went to "Peek of You" for our 10 minute viewing session. The girl doing the ultrasound reminded Eric of Janice from Friends - YIKES! Baby Bailey would not get his hands or feet out of his face so it wasn't the clearest of pictures, but it was still pretty cool. He is currently breech - so say a prayer that the little guy flips in the next couple of weeks. We came home and watched the video again - actually we have watched it everyday since and we see something new every time. The funniest part is that several times he sticks his tongue out and licks his hand. It is really cute. A guy at work is going to compress the video for me so that I can post it here so stay tuned.
I have to say when I left I wasn't very certain it was worth the money but, now I would say I would do it again. It has been fun to watch and feel like you get to know him just a little bit more. 11 more weeks to go!!!