Preview Day

What is it about ultrasounds and illness? This time it was me! I woke up Friday morning feeling like I was being stabbed with knives in my eyeballs... that is code for headache. I can only guess that it was allergy related as Arizona is in full bloom and I can't take Claritin. So I wasn't in the best of shape for the day - but there was no way I was going to miss this.
Eric and I went to "Peek of You" for our 10 minute viewing session. The girl doing the ultrasound reminded Eric of Janice from Friends - YIKES! Baby Bailey would not get his hands or feet out of his face so it wasn't the clearest of pictures, but it was still pretty cool. He is currently breech - so say a prayer that the little guy flips in the next couple of weeks. We came home and watched the video again - actually we have watched it everyday since and we see something new every time. The funniest part is that several times he sticks his tongue out and licks his hand. It is really cute. A guy at work is going to compress the video for me so that I can post it here so stay tuned.
I have to say when I left I wasn't very certain it was worth the money but, now I would say I would do it again. It has been fun to watch and feel like you get to know him just a little bit more. 11 more weeks to go!!!

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