Last night Eric and I went to this new little Mexican place that opened on the corner. It was quite tasty... but I have been up since 12:57 a.m. with the worst heartburn EVER! I had never had heartburn prior to pregnancy!!!! It is now 3:40 a.m.... only several hour before I need to be at work again for a full day and late night of Good Friday services - can everyone say "UG!" with me?
Tums are not something we have in the house so I have reading about "natural" heartburn remedies... I have been eating papaya enzymes and at the moment I am trying hot water, with sugar, and baking soda. And apparently from what I have read lying down isn't helpful to the situation so sleep is not that great of an option right now. What did we do without the Internet?
Since I am up, twiddling my thumbs and quite certain nobody wants me to call them at 3:45 a.m. thought I would say "hi!" this way. Gonna go heat some more water.

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