An apology to my Mama!

As a kid...well really as a teen I wasn't very appreciative that my Mama made things for me rather than bought things. I wanted all the "cool" storebought things so that I could be just like everyone else. But, now I have come to realize how very thankful I am. And I realize that her making me things was not my parents way of being "cheap" but rather their way of showing love through time and effort.
I have been helping a friend paint the art work that will go over his bed and I wouldn't have it any other way... Eric painted his bedroom even though we are hiring someone to paint the rest of the current project is creating something I had originally registered for, but later realized that was silly when I could make it just as easy and they will mean so much more (P.S. it doesn't hurt that they cost so much less.) The cost savings to me only means getting to buy more stuff that I couldn't make.
So, Mama and Daddy, from the bottom of my heart I am very sorry for all the times I may have made you feel bad for making me things that came from love in your heart!

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