Go team Disney!

Renn's Cita  (my mama) found a 2T Mickey Mouse costume soon after he was born. Which means I feel like I have been waiting for this Halloween for years. Knowing he wasn't a big fan of costume wearing I convinced Daddy that we ALL needed to dress up. It was good ole family fun!


The RIGHT nows!

A few things Mr. Renn loves RIGHT now. 
Foods: taquitos and refried beans, Chick-fil-a nuggets and fries, juice, grilled cheese and soup, french toast and cereal bars
Singing: Theme songs, Raffi, & Chapel CD
Books: Swimmy, Polar Express, Little Engine that Could
Shows: Any and all Veggie Tales, Kai Lan, Upside Down Show & Blues Clues
Toys: Stuffed frog and bears, Thomas the trains, cars, blocks and puzzles.

But, MY favorite thing is to watch him be creative with his things. Such as finding things to drive his cars through like the rollers stored under my sink. Glad they have a purpose again.


A brother & his sister

Renn loves, loves, loves his sissy! He wants to hug her, kiss her and share with her. But, he also wants to push her, kick her, take things from her, hide her things, and do things to be basic BIG brother irritants. I already see that he will protect her at all costs but I anticipate some healthy sibling antics going on between the two.