Road trippin

Here are a few lessons I learned from our road trip to California

Driving at night was good for baby rough on Daddy:
We chose to drive at night so that Renn would stay on schedule and could sleep the whole trip and that worked great! But, for Eric it was a bit rough. By the time we got there Wednesday night he had been up 18 hours straight. And in theory I should have been sleeping because Renn was sleeping but I felt bad sleeping while Eric was up so I did my best to stay awake as much as possible. The great thing is Renn slept fabulous while we were there. Hotel living really worked for him.

Everyone has an opinion:
I was amazed at how many people had commentary on our baby.
“His hair is long – he needs a hair cut. Are you going to get him a hair cut?” ANSWER: NO!
“He is fat – see those rolls there?” ANSWER: Our little 10 pounder is not fat and still fits in his premie clothes.
“Where are his socks ? – he needs socks!” ANSWER: He is fine!
“He sleeps a lot – you let him sleep too much!” ANSWER: He is a baby!

There was a baby gallery:
At the wedding I was so concerned about him being fussy and disrupting things. But, then I discovered there was a baby gallery. In the back of the wedding venue sat multiple moms with strollers and babies. I am sure these things have always existed at weddings or events but I have never noticed them. So I joined in the fun.

You really do need all that stuff:
I over packed for Renn thinking we will never go through that many clothes or burp clothes, etc… But, we did. I could have used double the amount of burp clothes I brought. Next time!

He grew up:
Eric and I swear that just over the few days we were gone he grew up. He is “talking”, smiling up a storm, sleeping better and more independent. It is true – it all goes really fast.


Deal or No Deal?

We are leaving today on our first BIG road trip since Renn has arrived. I have spent the last two days packing every time he was napping in an effort to get it all done. Today my task was fill the car with gas and get disposable diapers for the journey. Target was having a great deal on our favorite diapers – plus I had $14.00 worth of coupons I could apply. Woo hoo!
After his 9 a.m. feeding we headed off. He usually loves the car and falls asleep almost instantly. But not today. Instead he SCREAMED all the way to Target. I kept thinking "it is going to stop – I know it will. He will fall asleep any minute now"– but that any minute now never came. We arrived at Target and I loaded his car seat onto the shopping cart and headed in. The crying continued. I finally had to take him out and carry him. Try carrying a crying baby – pushing a shopping cart – and loading boxes of diapers and wipes into your cart. Nothing fun about it. After I checked out I had to fight him to get him back into his car seat which he simply didn’t want to do. Once I had him loaded in and had made a complete scene in Target that I realized my “deal” on diapers had gone from being a deal to a no deal.
When I had gotten out of the car I hooked my brand new sunglasses onto my shirt and I guess when I took Renn out of his car seat to stop the crying I pressed him against my chest which in-turn broke the NEW sunglasses. Bargain on diapers is now a wash! BUM DEAL!
Oh! The woes of parenthood!



I had been dreading this day since before he was born. The day of shots! I have heard people speak of how hard it is to watch your baby hurt and the fever they can get as a side effect. I just didn't want to go through it or put Renn through the pain. But, the day came... he is two months old and must get his first set of vaccines.
Eric wasn't going to be able to be there due to work but, like the amazing father he is at the last minute was able to meet us there. We went through a routine exam and I asked my list of questions I have developed over the last two months. All is well and he is a growing boy! He went from 6 lbs to 10 lbs 8 oz! YEAH!!!
Now it was time. He was a fuss bucket prior to the shots so I thought this is going to be miserable. The nurse warned us that they tend to hold their breath and turn bright red. I held his hands and he was sucking on my hand as hard a he could. The first two shots weren't bad. He cried but it was nothing we hadn't heard before. But, the next three shots were torture. He did hold his breath and then screamed like you have never heard before. He cried real tears and then Eric and I began crying real tears. IT WAS AWFUL! Eric held him when it was over while the nurse gave me final instructions and I tried to pull myself together.
He slept in his pack and play beside us the next couple of night. He never got a fever - but his little legs did get sore and he would whimper if you touched him there.
I am already not looking forward to the next round - everyone says "it gets easier!". They better be right.


eight weeks of learning

I have now known Renn Jackson outside of the womb for 8 full weeks! That is eight weeks of learning...learning about Renn and myself.
What I have learned about Renn:
He changes everyday. There is new hair, his eyelashes get longer, he make a new faces or a new noise. Each day is new and different and we never have one that is identical to another.

When he hurts I hurt. I would love nothing more than to learn the foreign language of "baby" and be able to know exactly what each cry means and how to fix it.

He is looker. He loves to look out and about. Looking at the ceiling fan, looking at the yard, looking at his art cards, looking at our faces. Sometime I don't even see what he is looking at, but his eyes are focused in on something.

He loves to be in his sling. I have a swing, bouncer, play mat and more...none of them satisfy. Renn would rather simply be in the sling. It does place him in the exact position he was in the womb. I guess old habits are hard to break even when you are a baby. (As I type this he is asleep in the sling on me)

He has sweet dreams. I love to watch him sleep because his sleep is so animated. He smiles, winks, giggles and his eyes dance with joy. All I can figure is that he is chatting with Jesus and remembering their days together in heaven.

What I have learned about me:
I love love love love love Renn Jackson Bailey! And would do anything for my little tree frog. THE END!


Father's Day

I know I know this but it never hurts to learn this lesson again. EXPECTATIONS are useless!
I created a ton of expectations surrounding Father's Day for Eric.

My vision:
Renn and I would bring daddy breakfast in bed. Both of us would be perfectly put together. Me looking oh so glamorous and Renn looking handsome as ever. We would all hang out in bed eating and laughing. We would then present daddy with three wrapped gifts. One being framed prints of Renn's hands and feet. Eric would then get dressed for church - where we would all enjoy service together. After church we eat at Eric's restaurant of choice and then head home for some family nap time. We would spent the evening watching a movie and I would make a light dinner. It would be great!

What REALLY happened:
The 5:30 a.m. alarm clock (Renn's cry) sounded and for the first time since April 23rd I just couldn't do it. Eric had to be the one to get up, feed him, change him and play with him till I could manage to drag myself out of bed. We gave him a homemade card and an unwrapped joke gift. I tried all week to get Renn to cooperate with doing his hand and feet prints to no avail. I then had FIFTEEN minutes to get myself and Renn ready for church. Let's just say I did not look glamorous! Church was good - but I got to sit in service for all of 20 minutes before Renn and I needed to go for a walk. We ate Indian Fry Bread on the church patio for lunch and Eric cruised the car show by his lonesome since I thought it was too hot for Renn to be out. We came home and watched the US Open and Renn did fall asleep on daddy's chest. I managed to make homemade mac n cheese for dinner and then Eric went to work in the garage assembling storage cabinets for all the coupon sense stuff I have accumulated. To be honest I was feeling pretty disappointed in myself and Eric's first Father's Day.

But, there was one very special thing that happened that I could have never planned and never expected and that was simply a look. As we were watching the US Open Renn looked straight at Daddy and with a sparkle in his eye gave Eric the BIGGEST smile. He had given me one the day before - this would be his second smile. I kept screaming "did you see that? did you see that?!"
Eric did see it and it was all he needed to make it a great day!

P.S. - Eric thought Father's Day was just right. And until reading this had no idea that I had plans for it to go differently. He was a happy camper!