eight weeks of learning

I have now known Renn Jackson outside of the womb for 8 full weeks! That is eight weeks of learning...learning about Renn and myself.
What I have learned about Renn:
He changes everyday. There is new hair, his eyelashes get longer, he make a new faces or a new noise. Each day is new and different and we never have one that is identical to another.

When he hurts I hurt. I would love nothing more than to learn the foreign language of "baby" and be able to know exactly what each cry means and how to fix it.

He is looker. He loves to look out and about. Looking at the ceiling fan, looking at the yard, looking at his art cards, looking at our faces. Sometime I don't even see what he is looking at, but his eyes are focused in on something.

He loves to be in his sling. I have a swing, bouncer, play mat and more...none of them satisfy. Renn would rather simply be in the sling. It does place him in the exact position he was in the womb. I guess old habits are hard to break even when you are a baby. (As I type this he is asleep in the sling on me)

He has sweet dreams. I love to watch him sleep because his sleep is so animated. He smiles, winks, giggles and his eyes dance with joy. All I can figure is that he is chatting with Jesus and remembering their days together in heaven.

What I have learned about me:
I love love love love love Renn Jackson Bailey! And would do anything for my little tree frog. THE END!

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