I had been dreading this day since before he was born. The day of shots! I have heard people speak of how hard it is to watch your baby hurt and the fever they can get as a side effect. I just didn't want to go through it or put Renn through the pain. But, the day came... he is two months old and must get his first set of vaccines.
Eric wasn't going to be able to be there due to work but, like the amazing father he is at the last minute was able to meet us there. We went through a routine exam and I asked my list of questions I have developed over the last two months. All is well and he is a growing boy! He went from 6 lbs to 10 lbs 8 oz! YEAH!!!
Now it was time. He was a fuss bucket prior to the shots so I thought this is going to be miserable. The nurse warned us that they tend to hold their breath and turn bright red. I held his hands and he was sucking on my hand as hard a he could. The first two shots weren't bad. He cried but it was nothing we hadn't heard before. But, the next three shots were torture. He did hold his breath and then screamed like you have never heard before. He cried real tears and then Eric and I began crying real tears. IT WAS AWFUL! Eric held him when it was over while the nurse gave me final instructions and I tried to pull myself together.
He slept in his pack and play beside us the next couple of night. He never got a fever - but his little legs did get sore and he would whimper if you touched him there.
I am already not looking forward to the next round - everyone says "it gets easier!". They better be right.

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