Road trippin

Here are a few lessons I learned from our road trip to California

Driving at night was good for baby rough on Daddy:
We chose to drive at night so that Renn would stay on schedule and could sleep the whole trip and that worked great! But, for Eric it was a bit rough. By the time we got there Wednesday night he had been up 18 hours straight. And in theory I should have been sleeping because Renn was sleeping but I felt bad sleeping while Eric was up so I did my best to stay awake as much as possible. The great thing is Renn slept fabulous while we were there. Hotel living really worked for him.

Everyone has an opinion:
I was amazed at how many people had commentary on our baby.
“His hair is long – he needs a hair cut. Are you going to get him a hair cut?” ANSWER: NO!
“He is fat – see those rolls there?” ANSWER: Our little 10 pounder is not fat and still fits in his premie clothes.
“Where are his socks ? – he needs socks!” ANSWER: He is fine!
“He sleeps a lot – you let him sleep too much!” ANSWER: He is a baby!

There was a baby gallery:
At the wedding I was so concerned about him being fussy and disrupting things. But, then I discovered there was a baby gallery. In the back of the wedding venue sat multiple moms with strollers and babies. I am sure these things have always existed at weddings or events but I have never noticed them. So I joined in the fun.

You really do need all that stuff:
I over packed for Renn thinking we will never go through that many clothes or burp clothes, etc… But, we did. I could have used double the amount of burp clothes I brought. Next time!

He grew up:
Eric and I swear that just over the few days we were gone he grew up. He is “talking”, smiling up a storm, sleeping better and more independent. It is true – it all goes really fast.

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