Father's Day

I know I know this but it never hurts to learn this lesson again. EXPECTATIONS are useless!
I created a ton of expectations surrounding Father's Day for Eric.

My vision:
Renn and I would bring daddy breakfast in bed. Both of us would be perfectly put together. Me looking oh so glamorous and Renn looking handsome as ever. We would all hang out in bed eating and laughing. We would then present daddy with three wrapped gifts. One being framed prints of Renn's hands and feet. Eric would then get dressed for church - where we would all enjoy service together. After church we eat at Eric's restaurant of choice and then head home for some family nap time. We would spent the evening watching a movie and I would make a light dinner. It would be great!

What REALLY happened:
The 5:30 a.m. alarm clock (Renn's cry) sounded and for the first time since April 23rd I just couldn't do it. Eric had to be the one to get up, feed him, change him and play with him till I could manage to drag myself out of bed. We gave him a homemade card and an unwrapped joke gift. I tried all week to get Renn to cooperate with doing his hand and feet prints to no avail. I then had FIFTEEN minutes to get myself and Renn ready for church. Let's just say I did not look glamorous! Church was good - but I got to sit in service for all of 20 minutes before Renn and I needed to go for a walk. We ate Indian Fry Bread on the church patio for lunch and Eric cruised the car show by his lonesome since I thought it was too hot for Renn to be out. We came home and watched the US Open and Renn did fall asleep on daddy's chest. I managed to make homemade mac n cheese for dinner and then Eric went to work in the garage assembling storage cabinets for all the coupon sense stuff I have accumulated. To be honest I was feeling pretty disappointed in myself and Eric's first Father's Day.

But, there was one very special thing that happened that I could have never planned and never expected and that was simply a look. As we were watching the US Open Renn looked straight at Daddy and with a sparkle in his eye gave Eric the BIGGEST smile. He had given me one the day before - this would be his second smile. I kept screaming "did you see that? did you see that?!"
Eric did see it and it was all he needed to make it a great day!

P.S. - Eric thought Father's Day was just right. And until reading this had no idea that I had plans for it to go differently. He was a happy camper!

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