Why in the world is it called morning sickness?

Well, it arrived! The nausea kicked in... and it is constant. Why do they call it morning sickness if it is all day sickness? I don't get it.
Saltine crackers help, mac and cheese is edible, cereal works...that's about it!


1st doctors appointment

Here are some quotes from my journal as I was waiting to go in:

"Sitting here waiting for my first appointment. This is scary, strange and normal all at the same time. Don't think I have even been more aware of my stomach in my life. Every sound, move, and noise it makes."

"Not telling people what is going on with me is hard... Why do you hide it? Is it to save you or them the pain if something should happen?"

"It is hard to not think about being pregnant all day."

The first appointment involved a bunch of paper work and blood work. They gave me a lot of information in terms of what to eat/not eat and medications you can take/not take... Life will definitely be changing.


It is "officially" positive

Even though four home pregnancy tests proved positive... today was the day I saw my doctor to make sure it was real.
After I did my "cup" duties they called me in.
Nurse: Do you already know?
Carey: Not officially
Nurse: Do you want to be pregnant?
Carey: Yes!
Nurse: You are!
She gave me the proof in a plastic baggie.
I called my mama on the way home to give her the EXCITING news. She was excited too. And was proud that she wasn't crying.
Eric, wanted to tell his mom in person but was having trouble being able to see her in the next couples of days and he didn't want to keep it a secret that long. We knew she was headed to the airport to pick up Jan so we decided to "surprise" them. We saw her waiting for Jan outside the security area so we hid around the corner. Jan finally arrived. We thought they would head for baggage, but instead they made a bee line to the elevator. Eric and I had to hustle to get in the same elevator. Somehow we managed to get in without them even noticing us. So there we are all are in the same elevator, but they don't realize it. Once we are off the elevator and they are heading to their car... we finally made our presence known. Debbie is like what the heck are you guys doing here.... Eric said "we just wanted to surprise you and let you know you are going to be a grandma!" Debbie began to scream! I still can't believe security didn't come.
We then headed to Macaroni Grill for some dinner. All the excitement caused Jan to leave his credit card there - Whoops!
Eric, also called his dad and Angie to give them the news. They too were thrilled to hear the fun news.
Of course, everyone was sworn to secrecy!


What a day!

Today I hung out with girlfriends in Carefree...shopping, chatting, and eating. Around 2 p.m. I headed home to get ready to meet my "east side" girl friends for dinner. I knew today was the day that I MIGHT be able to know if I was pregnant. I didn't want to be sitting around just thinking about MAYBE being pregnant so I I decided to stop by the store and grab a test. I was thinking it would tell me no and that way I would stop thinking about it. INSTEAD the test said "PREGNANT". I freaked! I ran back to the store and got three more tests - all different brands. THEY ALL CAME OUT POSITIVE!!!
Eric, was up north so I gave him a call to see when he would be home. He said in the next hour or so... There was this desire to tell him right then and there but, I also didn't want to be one of those cell phone commercials out there. So I showered and got dressed. Once he arrived home I was anxious as could be. I always thought I would tell him in some creative manner - but instead I was just going to spit it out. He proceeded to tell me all about his day... he kept talking and talking and talking as I sat on the edge of the bed. I thought he was never going to stop. :) Finally, I said can I tell you about my day? He said "sure!"
I can't remember exactly how I said it... but I know the words "I am pregnant" came out. He was so excited! I really wanted to stay home and just hang out, but we decided I should still go to the dinner I had planned with girlfriends. Let's just say I may have physically been at that dinner, but was not there mentally.