It is "officially" positive

Even though four home pregnancy tests proved positive... today was the day I saw my doctor to make sure it was real.
After I did my "cup" duties they called me in.
Nurse: Do you already know?
Carey: Not officially
Nurse: Do you want to be pregnant?
Carey: Yes!
Nurse: You are!
She gave me the proof in a plastic baggie.
I called my mama on the way home to give her the EXCITING news. She was excited too. And was proud that she wasn't crying.
Eric, wanted to tell his mom in person but was having trouble being able to see her in the next couples of days and he didn't want to keep it a secret that long. We knew she was headed to the airport to pick up Jan so we decided to "surprise" them. We saw her waiting for Jan outside the security area so we hid around the corner. Jan finally arrived. We thought they would head for baggage, but instead they made a bee line to the elevator. Eric and I had to hustle to get in the same elevator. Somehow we managed to get in without them even noticing us. So there we are all are in the same elevator, but they don't realize it. Once we are off the elevator and they are heading to their car... we finally made our presence known. Debbie is like what the heck are you guys doing here.... Eric said "we just wanted to surprise you and let you know you are going to be a grandma!" Debbie began to scream! I still can't believe security didn't come.
We then headed to Macaroni Grill for some dinner. All the excitement caused Jan to leave his credit card there - Whoops!
Eric, also called his dad and Angie to give them the news. They too were thrilled to hear the fun news.
Of course, everyone was sworn to secrecy!

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