TOADily awesome 1st Birthday Party Log

From a few days after your birth you were given the name "tree frog" so it was only fitting that your 1st birthday party have a frog theme.

Your Invitation: TOADily awesome birthday party! Bright paper, home computer, glue sticks and some googly eyes.

Inside Decor: We filled the living room with frog beach balls from Oriental Trading. Covered the dining room table with green polkadot paper, markers, crayons and some homemade frog coloring sheets

Food and Plating: We did green apples, green grapes & chick-fil-a nuggets. Tried to find green ketchup, but no luck.

The Cake: Cupcakes with frog toppers made by: Clineffs Confections and a cake for you. Bib was a towel found for $2.00 that I turned into a bib.

Outside: Ball pit, bubbles, Fly Bop (Bubbles on clearance for .17 cents and bright green dusters found at the dollar store), frog water squirters (Oriental Trading) and a frog toss (frog bean bags and beach buckets), there was also a bouncy in the driveway for older kids.

Party Favors: Frog puppets I made from felt I just happen to have and for the older kids candy bags. Tags were made on my home computer and printer. Frog basket made by: ladesigns2