Dear Stories of a Tree Frog Blog:

I apologize for my absence, I have truly missed you and I think of you often. But, I have simply been too busy experiencing Renn to make time to write about him (oh yea, and I may have gotten distracted by joining Facebook and learning imovie). Since Renn began crawling I feel like this whole new world opened up - he became such a BIG boy. There are too many things I simply don't want to forget about this time:

Rolling Daddy across the floor

Pushing me from behind like I am a walker

Laying his head on our shoulder when we hug

Putting his hands over his mouth when I offer him meat

Spitting out the milk that comes in a sippy cup

Trying to decide if he likes grass or not

Crawling down the step from the house to the garage

His first steps (we are up to 8 in a row as of today)

Learning to feed himself Cherrios

His baby dedication, special! and the diaper incident that came with it.

How he loves to say Da or Da Da

His laugh

His smile

His crocodile tears

The way his clicks his tongue after we blow him kisses

How much he loves balls and music

The way he builds towers with socks and wipe boxes (why do we even bother with toys?)

The way he shakes his little body when music comes on

The way he heads straight to the fridge when it opens. (Does this mean he will eat me out of house and home one day?)

What an incredible sharer he is. (He did not get this from his mama!)

The amount of inspiration he causes me

The continual realization of HOW MUCH I love this child and would do anything for him.

Looking forward to your 1st birthday Tree Frog!