Deal or No Deal?

We are leaving today on our first BIG road trip since Renn has arrived. I have spent the last two days packing every time he was napping in an effort to get it all done. Today my task was fill the car with gas and get disposable diapers for the journey. Target was having a great deal on our favorite diapers – plus I had $14.00 worth of coupons I could apply. Woo hoo!
After his 9 a.m. feeding we headed off. He usually loves the car and falls asleep almost instantly. But not today. Instead he SCREAMED all the way to Target. I kept thinking "it is going to stop – I know it will. He will fall asleep any minute now"– but that any minute now never came. We arrived at Target and I loaded his car seat onto the shopping cart and headed in. The crying continued. I finally had to take him out and carry him. Try carrying a crying baby – pushing a shopping cart – and loading boxes of diapers and wipes into your cart. Nothing fun about it. After I checked out I had to fight him to get him back into his car seat which he simply didn’t want to do. Once I had him loaded in and had made a complete scene in Target that I realized my “deal” on diapers had gone from being a deal to a no deal.
When I had gotten out of the car I hooked my brand new sunglasses onto my shirt and I guess when I took Renn out of his car seat to stop the crying I pressed him against my chest which in-turn broke the NEW sunglasses. Bargain on diapers is now a wash! BUM DEAL!
Oh! The woes of parenthood!

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