Never Again!

My phone alarm is set for 3 a.m. Renn usually wakes up a tad before it or right at it. But, last night was different. My phone alarm went off and IT woke me up - not any sounds from the baby monitor. I walked towards Renn's room and heard no cry or stir. I went around and peaked in his crib through the bathroom door - there was some movement but, nothing that would denote he was awake. So I headed back to bed thinking he will wake any minute now. The minutes kept ticking by and he wasn't waking. I am thinking quick "GO BACK TO SLEEP!" But, at the same time I was so excited he was reaching this milestone I couldn't sleep. Eric's, alarm sounds at 4:05 a.m. and I am realizing there is no returning to sleep land at this point. 4:39 a.m. comes and I have to get out of bed to pump - I would be sleeping in milk if I didn't.
On my way down the stairs I do the wrong thing and that is go take a "peek" at my little tree frog. My presence wakes him - I probably could have gotten him back to sleep - but I was missing my little guy so I pick him up to eat and we begin the day. ONE HOUR AND THIRTY NINE MINUTES LATER THAN USUAL!!! (not that it equalled any extra sleep, but still)
Two things I will never do again: Set my alarm and "peek" in his room!

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