Our frog on a plane

We did it! Our first plane ride back "home" to Texas. Eric would say Renn did much better than Mama. Honestly, I don't have one thing to whine about - he was perfect. Not one peep out of him the whole time. He ate when was supposed to - he sucked a pacifier when he was supposed to - he slept most of the journey. The only thing he didn't do when he was "supposed" to was poop. On both routes he pooped either on the plane or before we were to board and pooped through his outfits and had to get a change. Fun stuff!

My only advice to mommy's traveling is to back two diaper bags. Don't try to cram everything in one. It becomes too hard to find stuff in it on the plane. Pack two with some room to spare in each. Thanks for all the great advice provided by my mom friends. It all came in handy.

We had a great journey!

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