THIS POST CONTAINS TMI (too much information)

WARNING: Do not read this post if you DO NOT find bodily function information amusing!!!

On Friday night Eric and I got a pizza in addition to some hot wings and we settled in for a movie. I swear to you that not 2 MINUTES after he began eating his wings he developed gas. By the time the movie was over and it was time to head to bed this "issue" had only gotten worse!!!
Once I was all tucked into bed with my million pillows all around me - Eric had the worst release of fumes possible. It sent me into a gagging fit. Eric, found this hilarious and could not stop laughing. What he didn't realize was that amidst his laughing so hard that my gagging had turned into actually puking in bed. So at this point I am crying and he doesn't even realize it. So I start crying for "HELP!" and he comes to realize this is not funny ANY MORE!!!
He comes over and helps me get cleaned up and we eventually settle back into bed for what I hope is a sound night of rest. Unfortunately, the release of gases never stops in the night. At one point I got up and went down stairs for water - and when I tried to re-enter the bedroom I was literally knocked over by the hideous smell in the air. I made it to the bedroom bathroom where another gagging fit ensued. I got a towel and covered my face - I ducked and covered on the way out of the bedroom and made my way to the guest bedroom where I woke in the morning.
Eric, came in to find me that morning and my opening words were "YOU NEED TO GO FEBREZZE THE BEDROOM RIGHT NOW!"
****I promise I normally would not share this kind of personal information with the public but it is too funny a story to not be recorded in Baby Boy Bailey's journey!

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