Busy Weekend

We had a busy family weekend.

Friday night some of our friends from church and their precious one year old (Daniel) came over. Eric was sitting on the floor when they arrived and little Daniel greeted him with a huge HUG. Eric thought it was fabulous!

We learned lots of fun things that night: babies think stairs are fun, more food lands on the floor than in their mouth, the last diaper before bed time is a wrestle fest and our pack-n-play actually works as we actually saw Daniel asleep in it. FUN STUFF!

Saturday morning Eric reported to Daddy Bootcamp. This is a class offered by dads for new dads. Eric went with his BFF from Jr. High who is expecting a boy 7 days before us. Eric learned lots of things like that you should always carry extra onesies, bring mommy a gift to the hospital :), signs of postpartum, what to do when a baby cries, buy spring loaded plug covers and much more. We start our classes together in April.

Saturday evening I officiated my first wedding for two people who had worked for me. I attempted wearing heels and made it through most of the night. I laid down during the day hoping to conserve the amount of time I can stand to the actual point of the ceremony. It seemed to have worked as I made it through and didn't have to ask for a chair as we did the service. Although I think adrenaline helped with that as well. Picture of "Pastor" and baby Bailey to the right.

Sunday was church! I am TRYING to take a back-seat on the weekends so that we can start running the weekends without me and see where any holes lie while I am on leave. We have Easter weekend at Cardinals stadium http://www.radiantchurch.com/ next weekend so let's just say life will be out of control busy. Of course I will be "directing" the team via chair and radio rather than lifting boxes of toys and cribs. UG!

Well that is all for now! Look forward to seeing everyone March 29th for baby shower mania!

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