Week 25 begins!

Another routine doctors appointement yesterday. She said I am doing "great!" on my weight. WOW! Did she know what I wanted to hear? I measured 25cm so the baby is right on track and his heart rate is still 140. I did have a little contraction while I was in there (does that word scare anyone else like it does me?). He makes a little ball and then it goes away. She said as long as they go away fairly quickly and are not consistent they are nothing to worry about.
I have my fun "check for gestatial diabeates" test in 3 weeks and then she said after that I will move to seeing her every two weeks rather than once a month. Ummmm...when she said that it sort of smacked me in the head that maybe this whole baby having thing is coming sooner rather than later.
Eric and I are all signed up for our birthing classes that start in April and Eric is thinking about taking "Daddy Bootcamp" which the hospital offers. It is taught by real life dads! Who votes he should take it?
The next task to check off my list will be finding a pediatrician...the list never seems to end.

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