Ooooh those cravings!

I would say one of the most frequent questions I get is “What cravings do you have?”
Honestly, I had preconceived ideas that cravings would be more dramatic than they are. But, I have had a few funny things happen.
One of the first I had was a “craving” for a broccoli and cheese baked potato. In fact one night after work I went out of my way to drive through a Wendy’s where I knew I had ordered a broccoli and cheese baked potato on many a youth trip. But, to my shock I discovered they no longer sold them… I thought fast and convinced the teller to just give me plain potato. I then headed to a Quiznos where I planned on buying a cup of broccoli and cheese soup. Do you see where I am going with this? My plan was almost thwarted due to the people in front of me but, I literally managed to get the bottom of the soup pot! Broccoli and cheese baked potato MISSION COMPLETE!
The other craving I have had, that Eric doesn’t mind, is for Fuddruckers. I have always liked Fuddruckers but it has never been a place I ask to go or feel like I long for… I am very thankful that they sell me their kids’ burger! It is more than enough.
I can also say I am happy to report that I have had no aversion to one of my favorite meals of beans, corn tortillas, and guacamole and only had a slight aversion to chicken!
I would say the only other craving I could list is a frozen Snickers bar. I have my mom to thank for even knowing that exists. Thanks to my handy dandy coupon sense program I was able to buy 8 king size Snickers bars for $2.50. I keep them in the freezer just cut myself off a little piece when the craving takes over!

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