Strolling down “wheeling and dealing” lane!

Eric and I have been disappointed that the price of the ’07 stroller we had picked out hadn’t seemed to drop even with the ’08 models out. But, this week ebay provided a solution. I found a lady selling a new red (the color we wanted) seat and canopy to our stroller. She originally bought the red version and later decided she wanted blue so the Baby Jogger Company sold her a blue seat and canopy therefore she had this new red one to sell. I talked with Baby Jogger and they will sell you the stroller frame separately for a fraction of the price… I am trying to figure why everyone doesn’t do this. I won the bid for the seat and canopy and with the cost of the frame from Baby Jogger we will get the complete stroller for half the cost we have found it being sold for. WOO HOO! Gotta love a great deal!

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