Belly Dancing!

I am not talking about dressing up like some harem girl and shaking my hips although that might be good exercise after the baby comes… what I am talking about is the dancing that is literally going on in my belly. Pregnancy has brought about a few annoyances such as non-stop trips to the bath room, sore hips from sleeping on my side and the desire to eat a lot of Cheerios but one of the daily joys I get from the baby is getting to feel his little body moving and discovering his own limbs. If I start thinking about it too much I get a bit weirded out. I mean there is a baby… a human being living inside of me. A HUMAN BEING LIVING INSIDE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING?! God gets my utmost kudos for creativity. I can definitely say I am glad I am not sitting on an egg on 9 months… can I get an Amen?
The daily movements are like “our special time” and our way of having the most beautiful conversation without words. He gently nudges me in the early morning to say “good morning”, tells me “thank you” after I eat, and says “let’s play” shortly after Eric gets home. SIDE NOTE: What is it about Eric that entices rowdiness? I am starting to realize that while I am not having twins I am about to get TWO baby boys!!! I am already feeling as if I will miss these inside the belly times between us but I am more than certain that his movements in the world will be just as precious. Looking forward to it!

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