28 week Doc update

For the first time I felt like I could go to the doctors office with cause for concern. I was scheduled for my gestational diabetes test as well as my 28 week check-up. The diabetes test was gross but not the worst thing invented. I thought the drink tasted like melted orange jello. Keyes would have liked it. I have not heard the results back, but they should come any day.
I let them know about all the contractions I have been having so they did a check and I am not dilated at all - so that is the good news. They tell me to just keep my water intake high (which is at 150 ounces a day) and take it easy. The passenger seat of my car is filled with flats of water that I drink drink and drink coming and going. I truly do have to pee every 2 minutes. Sorry, if that is too graphic!
The contractions haven't subsided at all - in fact now they happen at all hours rather than just starting in the early evening. But, I feel a millions times better knowing I am not dilated. Since Eric and I have been a bit stressed with the extra activity we are treating ourselves to a 3D ultrasound on Friday. We will get a DVD of Baby Boy Bailey (just consider that his first, middle and last name as that is probably what I will call him forever... plus the fact that his monogram would be incredibly balanced!) and some pictures! We are excited. I will make sure to post everything up soon after we get home. It's probably funny to our parents that we can get an ultrasound (a 3D version at that!) as easy as ordering nuggets at Chick-fil-a.

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