Growing Up

I feel like life with Renn since he turned two has been a whirl wind of change, change and more change. Here are a few.
Sentences: I feel like I was just getting used to all the words he was saying when all of the sudden he moved onto sentences. Is he even legal? A few of my favorite's are:
It's coming.
It's a happy dog.
Build a word. (thank you Word World)
Daddy is home.
Mama is coming.
Love you, (insert name of choosing)
Let's close it. (said me)
I am marching.
Awesome Daddy.
Mommy has pink flower.

Potty Training (kinda): Renn has been telling us for awhile when he "poots". With the new baby I wasn't up for tackling potty training till recently. He has a frog potty now and a kido seat for the big potty. We have had one successful attempt when he was in the bath tub and declared he had to "poot". There is no pressure what-so-ever. Just want to help him start associating how it all works.

Big Bed: I am convinced I know what it will feel like to send Renn off to college. The same as when he got his big boy bed (a big ole full size bed). He has been ready for awhile, but I wasn't ready. I couldn't let go of his baby days and him in his crib. But, alas it was time. Actually, Eric just said he was doing it and I better order the bedding I wanted (911 call to PBK was placed). In order to fit his full size bed in his room we had to remove his rocker and ottoman that I have used with his since he was a baby. Many a nights he was rocked to sleep as he was teething and many a mornings we sat together in this rocker drinking milk and singing songs. Just moving it brought me to tears. Eric set the bed up while I was at work. And the result was that Renn LOVES it. I am enjoying getting to lay together at night and read book after book after book. He looks so tiny in the bed and is still not used to sleeping with sheets, comforter and a pillow. When he wakes in the morning though he loves just hanging out in his bed.

Block Wars: Renn loves blocks and guess what? So does Eric! In fact we were having so many struggles with sharing our blocks properly that Eric had to go out and buy the extra extra big bag of blocks to add to our collection. You should see the creations they make. Castles, bridges, houses with windows, planes, cars, boat...their imagination is endless. It is fun to watch them play.

Some days the change is overwhelming. But, most days I just love being able to be in conversation with him, read with him, build and create with him. Two days ago one of his teachers gave me one of the greatest compliments I could EVER get. She was sitting with me and she said "Renn has one of the best imaginations." My heart just lept with joy!

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