Feeding a Lion

Today we fed a lion. A lion named Tex. Let me explain...noooo let me sum up (ahh...Princess Bride how I heart you). 
Renn has a stuffed lion. A lion named Tex that goes just about everywhere with him right now. Tonight the lion came with us to the dinner table. When it was time to pray Renn took the lion's hands and crossed them and held them together. When we said "amen" Renn told us that the lion said "amen". Before each bite Renn took he offered the lion a bite. After he would take a sip from his straw he would then offer the lion a sip and leave the straw at the lions mouth for 3 seconds while the lion was "drinking". After he was done with dinner he let us know that the lion needed a "treat"! Good try kido, good try!
P.S. - Renn also cooked for us tonight. He made us "segetti". And even though it was imaginary it sure was tasty.

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