To Infinity and Beyond

Last night my mother-in-law convinced me to take the kids with them and all the cousins to Toy Story 3 today. It would be Renn's first movie going experience. After all the checking I could do on the fear factor level of it I decided we would give it a try and... it worked! I went armed with Chick-fil-a hidden in the diaper bag and cookies. He thought the chairs were a ride and only got stuck once, the sound scared him at first and the movie entertained him most of the time. I think my favorite part was how excited he got about every little thing and showed it (out loud kinda showed it). I felt sorry for the peeps in back of us, but luckily they had little ones too. Good memory maker!

Renn enjoying the seats. Renn with Addison. Avery went too. 

Addison took good care of Renn. Molars coming in - thus the finger in his mouth ALL the time. 

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