UV expressed

Tonight was a huge night for the tree frog and his parents. Since the moment I can remember we have told Renn that we love him prior to bed. As his vocabulary has grown we have been hoping/wanting "love" to become one of his words. But, to no avail. We would continue to say it each night (repeatedly) hoping for it to be reciprocated but it never came in words. The last few weeks he has become such a parrot of all we are saying we thought certainly he would say it but it did not come. Till TONIGHT! I was carrying Renn to bed and Eric was doing dishes. Eric said "love you, son" and out of no where Renn turns his head and says "uv you"! I screamed!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT? DID YOU HEAR THAT? Eric was giddy with laughter!
It was so real and heartfelt. It didn't feel like he was just repeating daddy but that he got it!
P.S. - I will admit there was a tinge of jealousy in me that wishes it was said to me but I will take it however it comes.

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