Precious Moments

If you read this blog then you have probably figured out my bad habit. I avoid updating the blog because I am attempting to avoid dealing with the feelings at hand. Well, here we are… it is time to stop avoiding and start dealing. We are six weeks from baby girl Bailey’s arrival (saying our prayers and crossing our fingers for the full 6 weeks) and we are of course thrilled, nervous, anxious, excited and many more adjectives but at the same time I have been working so hard to hold tight to all the precious precious moments between the tree frog and me. To watch him grow over the last few months has been incredible. Discovering his independence, learning word after word after word, learning to count in English and Spanish, his continued love of the outdoors, music and dancing (the boy has moves). But, the moments I am cherishing the most right now are his new found love of snuggling and cuddling. He now gives kisses on his own (open mouth), he asks for “ugs” (hugs) and simply enjoys snuggling in my arms as we watch Sesame Street or Word World. These moments are indescribable! All I know is that I never want them to stop, that I want him to need his “mama” forever and that I already bawl like a baby when I think of him being a teenager.

I am certain all these emotions are heightened due to the fact that no matter what I do right now change is on the way with another babies arrival imminent. The truth is I am so worried! Will Renn still feel how much I love him, will I have enough attention to provide him and will there still be cuddle opportunities? EVERYONE tells me it works out! And at this point all I can do is trust - trust that there is enough love in my heart to go around, enough attention to be shared and enough energy to make each day happen. I am all thankful for all the examples of mothering multiples I have in my life – it allows me to have a sense of faith in the adventure that lies ahead.

Goodness, a year and half ago I never would have imagined all that would have been brought into my life by bringing the little tree frog into world and I am certain God has plenty more in store for us for as family. I will continue to hold tight to the precious memories being created in these days for our family of three and I look forward to the memories that are to come once we are four.

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