We are in the midst of a word explosion right now. I won’t even do the list justice, but I wanted to try and capture the words Renn is saying. I am just amazed - everyday it seems to be something new!

Family: Mama, Dada, Enn (Renn), Papa, Addison
School friends: Sue, Occo (Rocco), Nendall (Kendall), Michael
Animals: Dawg, Orsey(Horse), Moo, Eow (Meow), Owl, Iggy (Pig), Goat, Fox, ChIcken, Bird, Uck, Frog, Roar, Phent (Elephant), Ba (Sheep), Bear, Butterfly, Ish (Fish)
Foods: Milk, Wawa, Juice, Cereal, Chicken, Banana, Apple, Egg, Pickle, Cake, Cookie
Shapes and Colors: Circle, Star, Yellow, Green
Body Part: Eyes, Nose, Ead(Head), Mouth, Ears
Things in motion: Motocyle, Us (Bus), Car, Oat(Boat), Tuck (Truck), Choo Choo (Train)
Numbers: He can repeat 1-10 in English and Spanish
Misc: Up, This way, That way, Thank you, Welcome, Bye, Night-Night, Out, Elmo, Medicine, Book, Bonk, Misus (Music), Pease (Please), On, Off, Open, Close, Ickky (Mickey), Ubbles (Bubbles), Ottball (Football), Shoe, Ants(Pants), Socks, Ucket (Bucket), Trash, Mess, Elp(Help), Ug (Hug), No, Bath, Side(Outside), Bag, Clothes, Ooon (Moon), Tickle, Nice, Ouse (House), Barn

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