It is 2:30 a.m. on moving day and I am up. Up and frustrated that there is much more to do, but I can't be packing while the boys are sleeping. While I am thrilled to be moving into a one story house with a much better floor plan for two kidos I am also grieving leaving this house. There are so many memories here and while my head knows they will still exist the thought of leaving this house makes me tear up.

I will always remember that Eric got the keys to this house the day before our first date and I was impressed that he even kept the date. Eric and I watching Narnia on the floor because he had no furniture, picking out paint colors, being on my best detailed behavior as I helped paint; my way of impressing him. Seeing the sky of the backyard filled with hot air balloons and knowing I was "home", coming home from our wedding to a broken heater in January (even though it is Phoenix it still gets cold), how we watch movies and how we each have "our" spot on the couch, Eric cooking dinner for me on our first married Valentines, Eric's bird watching obsession and then there was the grandpa scorpion. Telling Eric I was prego, bringing Renn "home", the rattlesnake found in the backyard when Renn was just a few weeks old, the neighborhood walks, the beautiful sunrises, Renn crawling, pulling up, walking, the way he loves the stairs and how he always shuts the baby gates. Playing hide and go seek in the closet, creating Renn's playroom out of the office, Renn's first birthday party, bike rides, watching Renn learn to open doors and how he always want to visit people in the bathroom. Telling Eric I was prego again! and the realization this sweet sweet house just wasn't going to cut it.

It has been a great first house for us and I will miss it and the incredible dessert view. It provided shelter, comfort, peace, many a great meals and a beautiful place for us to grow as a family. Thank you house - we pray you are blessing to others.

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