Like Father, Like Son

Believe me I really do think about blogging everyday. The thoughts are there. I truly just get overwhelmed with Renn's development and changes that I can't process them fast enough. With Baby Bailey II on the way I have been reflecting so much on where we have been to where we are now that it is hard to believe that this 16 month old toddler was once completely helpless.

I still sit in awe that he now reasons and rationalizes. That he uses and understands words like baoon (balloon and ball), dawg (dog), uck (duck), ut-oh (also includes a backwards wave), wht's at? (what's that?), lmo (Elmo) and then there is the one we are working on which is always comes out sounding like s@i#. Trying to perfect this one a little better. He has attachment to things. His sheep puppet (thus the need to work on how he asks for it), Elmo doll, stacking toy, multiple books that we must read multiple times in a row and balloons. You can now see him have a range of emotions; frustration (comes with a whine), sadness (comes with a pouty face), happy (the most common), glad (usually when mama or daddy enters the room) and my personal favorite is excited (comes with yeah! and clapping or sometimes you get a ta-da!)

The funniest thing to discover about Renn is that he has so many likeness to his daddy. We begin the list!

1. They both love to car dance. Since I have met Eric he is what a I call an excellent car dancer. The boy has seated moves and they have rubbed off. The two of them can sit in the driveway one in the passenger seat one in the drivers seat grooving to some tunes. Heads moving in sync.

2. Ear scratch. Eric has a unique way he scratches his ear. He flips one finger backwards and then in a very fast motion swipes the inside of his ear. We have noticed that Renn does it the exact same way - finger flip and all.

3. Organizationally obsessed. My hubby loves the tupperware organized just so and the pantry just right and the fridge has to have things perfecto. And thank God he does it! But, now I have a mini him. Renn has taken to the side door. Every time the fridge is open he heads over to remove all that he can from the side door and then quickly rearrange it as needed. I honestly wonder how much of our power bill goes to fridge organization.

4. Laundry guru's. My sweet hubby does the laundry due to the fact that I work the weekends and this is generally when he needs his laundry done. Renn is now an excellent assistant. Handing daddy clothes, putting clothes in the hamper, helping with the folding. Renn also decides what is important to have upstairs and what needs to come down. His favorite thing to do once things come out of the dryer is throw it over the stair banister. Besides laundry Renn also sweeps, puts dishes in the dishwasher, takes them out and the latest is you can ask him to throw something away and he takes it to the trash can, lifts the lid and adds the item to the garbage. So excellent!

5. The Bailey walk. If you know Eric then you know that he has a distinctive walk. Eric's dad also has the same walk. Honestly, the family kinda giggles about it. I wish I could figure out a clever way to describe it. It is head held high short man's kinda strut...that is the best I got. Well, I am going on the record right now as saying that Renn has the walk. Eric doesn't see it, but I promise it is there. Bailey walker III on the way!

With all this development going on it is hard not to love it all. But, the thing I LOVE LOVE the most is that I can now say "Renn, give mama a kiss." and he walks over, grabs my face and plants one on me.! Love you Tree Frog!

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