The Greatest Disappointment

The greatest disappointment in becoming a parent is that I now don't possess some mad Harry Potter skill to stop time. There are multiple moments in a day that I just want everything to freeze so that life can just continue on exactly as is or so that I can run and grab the camera. A few such moments not to be forgotten.

. Getting your first Happy Meal on your 1st Birthday

. "Losing" your stroller on your 1st birthday in Anthem Park

. Watching you have your first bite of cake and ice cream

. Having you reach for and hold my hand

. Our walk and talk from the car to your classroom

. How much you love outside. Please love outside forever.

. Your first time in a baby pool

. Discovering magnets

. Discovering magnets stick to the walls

. Crawling DOWN the stairs for the first time

. Your mad dancing skills

. Your woody woodpecker laugh

. "That?"

. How you enjoy playing with other kids. Thank you preschool.

. Watching you learn to problem solve

. Your love of music

. My excitement when you put banana chunks in your mouth. You would have thought he had just been accepted to Julliard.

. Your smile when we clap for you

. We think your love language is touch or pinching

. Watching you experience dogs for the first time

We enjoy you always little tree frog!

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