Renn in December!

According to Facebook

Renn asked me if I was a princess this morning. What prompted said question? I am wearing a skirt. Rare. J December 23Top of Form
My two year old has called me Babe three times today. How do I explain that his daddy can call me that but it's not on the list for him? December 20
Renn HAD ;) to throw a party for his friends tonight. Pizza and brownie bar. He is napping and I am licking the bowl of the brownie batter. SCORE! LOVE the "excuse" of kids. December 17
Renn just lifted up his shirt and said "mommy, I don't see Jesus in my heart?” December 4
Renn is is telling me he NEEDS to go to the zoo because he needs to get all the animals out of their cages. L J December 3
I believe we just found Renn's Christmas present as he is sobbing on the floor of Target over a car ramp thing. NEVER done that so I am having a hard time not laughing. November 27Bottom of Form

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