Conversations with Renn.

Most days I still find it odd that I can carry on a full fledge conversation with Renn. This helpless baby that just two years ago could only cry as a means of communicating now converses. I stand amazed. I wish I could just have a recorder on at all times to capture all his quirks. But, not possible. Instead a I recorded the things he said as a part of a 1/2 hour drive to the zoo.

I am starving!
There are LOTS of stores.
That's not good.
What's daddy gonna pick?
What's that noise?
Where's daddy? I can't see him. He went in that door over there? That glass one? The glass one on that building? I am going to take my buckles off to go find daddy. There he is!
Now go!
I wanna go down. I really wanna go.
Hey look! Your football game.
I need a tissue mommy.
What do you have in your mouth daddy? Oh. Food? Oh food.
I wanna pick something out of my stocking.
Cars are under there. Cars are up there. Why?
Whoa. That's a huge tunnel.
What's up ahead?
Look daddy. Look up in the sky. There is a flying car in the air. Look up ahead there is a big tunnel. Look there are drums.
That is a really huge drum. Wow! Look at that? Oh. What's that?
Are we ready? Here we go.  Whoa.
Sissy, what are you looking at? Sissy, what are you doing?
Look at those big tires, mommy.
Where is cita? I can't see her. Oh, there she is.
I wanna go to the zoo. Look a big building. Where's the zoo? Over there. Holy cow! Where are snakies?

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