Getting Adventurous

3 weeks ago I would have told you that Renn was never going eat anything more than chicken nuggets and applesauce probably for his whole life.  Being a picky eater myself I really had no issue with him being picky and was happy to make him his own meal each night.  But, a few weeks ago we learned he eats  - eats things besides nuggets and applesauce. I had made Eric and myself a Mexican fiesta for dinner and Renn his usual affair. As we ate Renn clearly asked for beans. I thought, “yeah, right – he doesn’t really want beans” But sure enough he did. FIVE large spoonfuls later he was content and very uninterested in his nuggets. Now he is consistently eating what we eat with the addition of applesauce. Somethings are tough to give up – or maybe it is just me not willing to let him give it up.

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