Brought to you by the letter R!

Renn turned 2! We are calling it the TERRIFIC TWO'S. Because he is terrific! Energetic, playful, talkative, independent, loving, caring, creative, organized and just plain wonderful. He brings us plenty of joy and teaches us new ways to be the best parents we can be. I became a bit obsessive over his birthday party despite a new baby in our lives. I wanted him to know how special he is to us and I wanted him to have a fun day all about him. I am thankful all the hard work paid off. He had a blast at his Sesame Street themed party!
We made our own version of the Sesame Street sign for the front yard welcome. We filled the back yard with bubbles, balls, sidewalk chalk, crawling tunnel, crayons and a canvas. I replaced the dining room drapes with paper chain "drapes" in primary colors. We also turned an empty
room in our house into a mini theater with red curtains and a large TV showing Elmo. I actually wasn't expecting this room to be used as much as it was.

The lunch table had white paper bags that kids could decorate and then pack their own lunch of chicken nuggets, applesauce, raisins, carrots and their choice of chocolate milk or juice.  The desert table featured cupcakes with toppers I made to match the invitations. We also had chocolate chip cookies made by Grandma. We figured if Cookie Monster showed up we should have his favorite food. There was also Blue Bell ice cream served. When you come from Texas that is a MUST!
These are just a few pictures that capture the day more can be found in The Gallery section. We are so thankful for all the help we had and our event photographer Ginger Morby.


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