Payback is rough!

When Keyes was born I would torture my mama by waking "the baby" whenever I felt like he had slept too long.
Well, now I am being paid back for all my crimes. Eric likes to ask if the baby is kicking or being quiet. When I respond with "quiet" he then comes over to talk to the baby in the belly. It never fails that within minutes of his conversation with the baby about all the fun we will have once he arrives (which always includes a story about quading in the desert) he WAKES UP! And I don't mean just a little... he begins bang bang banging on my tummy. Eric sits back and laughs as he watches my belly move.
While it is cute for a minute or two what Eric doesn't understand is that he gets to go back to his quite little life while my belly feels like someone is playing drums inside it.
Eric has enjoyed learning about the power of his voice.
I just wish he could quiet the baby as easily as he wakes the baby. :)

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