dreams are soooooo revealing!

My dream about the baby last night gave me a laugh. Here is how it went:
My water broke while I was asleep and I didn't wake up. So Eric carried me to the car, drove me to the hospital where I had the baby - all still while sleeping ( I am hoping this means my labor involves little pain). My doctor was my San Antonio family doctor. Everyone finally woke me up and showed me the baby. He was so cute with a full head of hair - he had a little curl on top like Eric. But, he had a rubber band wrapped twice around his nose. I was told he got "stuck" while coming out and this was how they do baby nose casts.
I suddenly realized he hadn't eaten and it had been several hours! As I went to feed him I discovered that he already talked and gave me very clear instructions on how to make the feeding thing work best. He was very helpful!
I then went to sleep again.
So let's see what are the conclusions from this dream: I am worried about sleep, his nose, and breast feeding! Fun stuff!

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