Moments not to be forgotten...

As we approach month seven I am going to steal a page from my friend Carrie Fay's blog and write about a few things he/we are doing that I simply don't want to forget...

1. Sleeping with his butt in the air with froggie nestled close by.

2. Grabbing his feet to lift his butt in the air when we want to put a new diaper on.

3. Waking up at 3:45 a.m. simply to chat with me. And me praying all the while that sixteen years from now he will still WANT to chat with his mama.

4. Standing in the kitchen cooking dinner listening to Eric make him crack up.

5. Eric sings a song and then Renn sings. Respectfully not interrupting his daddy.

6. How I open MY mouth as he opens his mouth waiting for a spoonful of food.

7. How he props his right foot up on his high chair tray while he eats. I keep trying to teach him this isn't polite, but to no avail.

8. How I have wasted countless hours figuring out what we will all wear for our first family Christmas card pictures. Truth is he would be precious in a diaper.

9. The fact that there are no words to describe how much I cherish the times he falls asleep in my arms.

10. That we can still sing Jesus Loves Me and it calms him down in an instant. We discovered this on about day six of his life and I am thankful it still works.

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