Daddy could tell REAL quick!

We were anxiously awaiting this day. The day when we would find out if you were a boy or a girl. (Although, I have said from the beginning you were a boy!) We woke up nice and early since our appointment was at 8:15 a.m. and it takes us about 45 minutes to get there even driving in the rush hour carpool lane. Eric dropped me at the door of the office building and was going to drive around to look for a parking space. I made my way up to the office, signed in, and went to sit down and take out my journal so I could record my thoughts. But, the second I got the pen out and it hit the paper the office door opened and they called "Carroll". I started to panic a bit - I wasn't ready. I hadn't recorded my prayer, my thoughts, and most important Eric wasn't there. I told them that my husband was parking the car and would be in soon. But, that didn't seem to slow them down - they were getting me up on the table. YIKES! I was seconds away from covering my belly and saying "NO! You can't start, yet!" when Eric came whisking in. The nurse was saved from a black eye!
Now the thing that was kinda yucky was that Eric was sick. And his doctor even told him we couldn't get very close to each other till he was better. So there we were about to see our baby for the 2nd time and we can't even hold hands or hug.
The nurse began with the gel and magic wand thing. Eric saw within seconds that the baby was a BOY! I totally missed it because I had no idea what I was looking for. This appointment involved measuring every bone and body part. So it felt like a big science experiment. I think the most interesting part to me was watching the beating heart. They even did a 3-d image of the heart and then sliced through the image... it was fascinating. Finally, she made her way back down to the "parts" region and I could see that the baby was fore sure a boy.
The nurse said he weighed 10 ounces and that all looked good. It was fun to see him again. Eric and I had a fun drive home chatting about baby boy bailey and of course we made sure to keep our distance. :)

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