Your first photo shoot!

There were so many emotions on this day. It was probably the greatest combination of excitement and nerves I have felt. We arrived at the doctor's office a bit early. They had told me to come with a full bladder so of course I followed their instructions to a tee. When we arrived I felt as if I was going to burst. But, there we sat in the waiting room....waiting, waiting, and more waiting. I didn't think I was going to make it.
Finally, they called our name. YEAH! The nurses first comments were "my you have a full bladder." I was like "well, you told me to!"
The first images were just incredible. It almost takes your breath away. The ultrasound reader said it was a "beautiful" baby! That makes you smile. The baby was perfectly still and was extremely cooperative. The nurse declared it had to be a boy because girls prove difficult from the start. Once they got all the measurements they needed they switched to 3-d images which were AMAZING. You could really see the little person. Eric and I just wept. We truly could have stood there all day watching the baby.

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